Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Here is the kids playroom.  At first when I thought about finding a house I wanted an extra room that could be dedicated to storying toys and then when we started looking at homes in the DC Metro area I quickly realized that most homes here had basements...Yay, thats perfect for our needs/wants.  So with this new information my next thought was I wanted a house w/a finished basement large enough for a playroom and a craft room for myself (only because of my ETSY shop).  When we were looking at older homes I would always look to see if the basement was finished or not and when we talked to builders one of my first questions were 'how much to finish the basement'.  A finished basement was definitely a high priority for us.  So with all that being said, since we have a basement I wanted to create a fun space for the kids to play, read and create as well as house all their toys.  I knew though if I wanted them to hang out in this space it had to be a fun, inviting space for them that they would want to be in.  I am happy to say that I think we have achieved just that.  They love their playroom and do spend a lot of time in there.  Yes, toys will still be brought up to the main level but I can honestly say they spend more time playing in their playroom then any other room in the house even when I am not able to be downstairs with them.  Which brings us to another has to be safe so they can be in there unsupervised and I think we did a good job at that as well.  The other good thing is my craft room is just across from their play room so I can be with them and watch them while I work too.
Here are the photos:

 The Playroom
The Black 'stripe' through the middle is painted w/chalkboard paint so
they have a big chalkboard to write on through out the entire space :-) I haven't given them the chalk yet, so it will be fun to see what they do when I let them loose w/the chalk :-)

 Toy Storage

 The very LOVED Train Table

 The Art Table (when I start to trust them the cups will be filled w/art supplies) For now we are practicing w/crayolas color wonder, they stuff that will only show color on special paper :-)

 A place to display all the wonderful art projects they bring home from Preschool.  I made the "ART Gallery" vinyl letters w/my Silhouette machine

 This was the twins Birthday Present, and they have fun 
whipping up some yummy meals for mommy :-)

 Utensil storage for the kitchen

 I made these pictures with some great graphics I bought through Stampin Up.  Im really loving their "My Digital Studio" software

 The Book Storage, a great idea I got from  (using spice racks from Ikea)

 The Reading Corner

 I saw this on ETSY a while ago and thought it was so cute, and with as much as Evan and Taryn love planes I wanted to add it to their playroom.  I was happy that I was able to find one w/3 kids in cute :-)

 We had these storage units for a while.  In GA we had them in our office/play room but when I was able to have just a dedicated play space for the kids I wanted them white so I painted them, we already had most of the basket storage from previous uses but did splurge on the drawer and cabinet inserts.  I love all the storage it provides  and we were even able to turn one of the units on its side and create a bench.  I sewed all the pillows to make some cushions for it.  I'm not the best seamstress but my work is  good enough for a child's playroom :-)

Also the green painted area behind the bench is painted w/magnetic primer so it is a big magnet board the kids can play with.

 I bought these wood letters a long time ago to do something for the twins with them but I never did.  So when we were putting together their playroom I thought what better to do with them but hang the alphabets in their play space Stampin UP came out w/so super cute paper this year that just fit perfect in the space.